About Kansas City Heroes

Kansas City Heroes helps people with disabilities, senior citizens, the houseless, veterans, and single-parent homes by providing acts of kindness.  From building a porch for a single mom of 7, to house work, yard work, handyman work, getting clothing and food for families, getting furniture and so much more. We are a grassroots organization that wants to get the “pay it forward” message out.  

Jennifer's Story

Jennifer McCartney - KC-Heroes

My name is Jennifer and I was born on January 26, 1974. I was raised by a single mom of 3 and life was not always easy. Despite her struggle, my mom took care of me and my siblings the best that she could. We were kept in church on a regular basis and my mom worked hard to make sure we had food and clothing.

Throughout my middle and high school years, I loved sports but couldn’t play very often due to my asthma. I ended up being the sports manager for my high school basketball and volleyball team. In my early years of college, I became interested in Rugby but my asthma once again held me back. That was, until I met a coach that took time to work with me on building my endurance. She ran me through exercises and let me practice with the team until I got stronger and no longer had to use my inhaler. I was finally able to join the team, ‘The Kansas City Jazz’. One year while at a Rugby tournament, I ended up attending my first ever women’s boxing match at one of the local bars. I was instantly hooked. I happened to be standing next to a boxing scout who, tickled by my enthusiasm, asked me if I would try out for boxing. Long story short, he had watched me play rugby earlier that day and said that I did not hit like a girl. I soon signed on and became a Women’s Professional Boxer for the WIBF. (Not bad for a girl who had to be the sports manager in high school)

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