Kansas City Heroes

Kansas City Heroes is a quickly growing grass-roots network of local heroes inspiring others to pay it forward with small acts of kindness. It is our fundamental belief that by recognizing the power within each of us to do good, we can inspire others to make our community a better place. 

Kansas City is full of heroes. Each of us has their own story, and sharing this inspiration, connecting with others, and finding small ways to do good makes an impact in a unique way to improve the lives of those in need in our community. We are all neighbors. Some of us help seniors, while others may help the houseless, families and other “neighbors” in need. We want to know how we can help you pay it forward. Won’t you join us?

Be Blessed By Blessing Others

Jennifer McCartney - KC-Heroes

We consider this our personal, pay it forward motto. The mission at Kansas City Heroes is simple: to cultivate a growing community of heroes who pay it forward to those in need of a hero. Jennifer McCartney, Founder of Kansas City Heroes, was raised by a single mother of three. Her memories of her hardworking mother and the ongoing struggle her family experienced taught her to better appreciate the difference an act of kindness could make in her life and the life of her family. Her resulting independence, fighting spirit, and the achievement of her goal to be a professional boxer led the way to the determination she put to good use in forming Kansas City Heroes. “Being blessed by blessing others” came straight from experiences with individuals in her life who recognized a need and stepped up to make a difference.

What we do


What color is your cape?

Paying it forward takes many forms and we engage others who partner with us in paying it forward to a neighbor in need. While there are many ways to identify need and ways to give, we focus on supporting our neighbors who want to move from houselessness to more secure housing and health. Whether it is serving on site, at your home, or supporting somewhere in between, our hope is to hear your story of inspiration and include you among the Kansas City Heroes who make a difference. 

Our team of volunteers come from a variety of local communities, but what brings us together is our desire to give in a way that supports our community working towards better housing and health. 

Support for the houseless

We currently support coordination and service efforts for a regular picnic for the houseless in Kansas City. This involved food preparation and distribution, coordination of delivery and set up for the picnic, and receipt of donations towards this ongoing event. 

Support for those in housing transition

We receive donated items and respond to requests for specific items acts of assistance to help individuals and families in transition to a new home setting. This could involve items to start a new household, moving items from a temporary housing situation to a more permanent one, and even transportation to an appointment to sign their lease. 

Support for those without housing who have animal companions

We receive occasional requests for support for companion pets who need immediate health or safety attention and supplies. We work with other volunteer groups and agencies to connect heroes who are able to pay it forward with assistance in these situations. 

Support for those who need a random act of kindness

We provide a forum to connect volunteers with our work and welcome hearing from you and how you pay it forward, whether it is engaging with seniors, single parents, families and other neighbors.


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